Aluva P
Plate characteristics
Plate type Positive-working high-speed UV offset plate
Substrate High-quality grained and anodized aluminum
Spectral sensitivity UV: 380-400 nm
Practical sensitivity 40-55 mJ/cm²
Platesetters (CtcP) Lüscher Xpose UV 230/260 / BasysPrint 400/800/VLF
Image contrast Excellent, can be measured with all available densitometers and plate readers
Plate sizes (min. – max.) 1640 x 3150 mm
  • 0.15 mm, 0.30 mm and 0.40 mm (0.006″, 0.012″, and 0.016″).
  • 0.15 mm cannot be used with the Luscher PHS (plate handling system).
Run length 150,000 (baking improves the chemical resistance)